Kinetex Expands 3D Capacity To Complete $3.2M Contract In Colombia

FirstGrowth Exploration Development Services Corp. is pleased to announced that its subsidiary, Kinetex Inc., has been awarded a contract, valued at over Cdn. $3.2M, to provide 3D subsurface seismic imaging and processing services to a client focused on oil and gas exploration in Colombia and has mobilized additional equipment to address the growing demand for its services in South America.

Digital 3D multi-component seismic data, as provided by Kinetex, is recognized as providing the greatest possible opportunity to resolve the geological picture of the subsurface and is widely viewed as the gold standard in the oil and gas industry. Unlike traditional analog seismic devices, the cutting-edge 3C MEMS-equipped sensors used by Kinetex are capable of capturing the full waveform of reflected energy. This enhanced data set can assist in the detection of not only potentially oil and gas bearing structures, but also delineate subtle fracture, density and porosity changes. Being able to accurately determine these key structures can be of great importance in drill planning programs, especially when dealing with challenging unconventional formations.

Publication: Euclid Infotech - Utilities News
Provider: Euclid Infotech
Date: August 19, 2008

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