Sidenal to commission new Electric Arc Furnace this year

Colombia's long steelmaker Sidenal is to commission a new electric arc furnace supplied by Techint's Tenova later this year, probably in November or December, a source from the company tells Steel Business Briefing.

Sidenal's crude steel output reached almost 200,000 tonnes last year, from a capacity of about 280,000 t/y at its two existing EAFs. The company's raw steel capacity will be sharply increased once the new furnace is commissioned; it is expected to add around 300,000 t/y.

However, the company official explains that the ramp-up schedule for the new furnace is still uncertain, as the company has not yet secured enough scrap. "We'll probably import the scrap", he comments, adding that the US market would be the most likely supplier.

Publication: SBB - Steel Business Briefing
Provider: Steel Business Briefing
Date: March 3, 2008

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